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Membership FAQ

Q: Why should I be a member at all?
A: Ekoji relies entirely on voluntary contributions of time and money from committed members. Being a Participating member gives you a vote in Sangha decisions.

Q: Which level should I choose for my membership?

A: The Associate level is best for you if are not yet sure of the level of commitment you can make.
You're ready to be a Participating member if you have been attending practice at Ekoji regularly for three months or more and are willing to take an active role in maintaining the building and enhancing the life of the Sangha.

Q: What if I'm already part of a group meeting at Ekoji? (For example, a member of Richmond Zen)
A: Membership in Ekoji Buddhist Sangha is distinct from membership in a particular practice group at Ekoji. You can be a member of both, or one or the other. Keep in mind, though, that membership in an individual group does not give you the privileges of Ekoji membership.

Q: How much should I pay?
A: There is no set amount for dues or pledges for Ekoji members. Each member decides what they can give based on their own circumstances. Most members find a regular monthly donation most manageable, but, again, the frequency of your donations is up to you.

Q: Once I sign up, how long am I a member?
A: Term of membership, either participating or associate, is one year, from July 1 to June 30. We'll ask that you re-enroll each year in order to keep our membership role up to date. (Don't worry—we send out reminders!)

Q: I'm ready! Where do I sign up? OR… I'm not quite sure. How do I find out more?

A: Please contact your group leader or a Board member for more information and to receive the membership form.