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New to Ekoji?

Thank you for your interest in Ekoji Buddhist Sangha. For your first visit, we recommend that you phone or email the contact person for the group you are interested in visiting. Contact information is provided on each of the individual group pages. Most groups provide newcomer orientation and may also offer meditation instruction. Even if you have been to one Ekoji group, we recommend that you contact each group you plan to visit, as etiquette and practices are different from group to group.

For all the groups, we recommend you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. While some people at Ekoij use chairs, many sit on cushions or benches at floor level. Therefore, tight jeans, short skirts, etc. may not be comfortable. Heavy perfumes or cologne, noisy jewelry, cell phones and watch alarms may be disruptive. Please use your discretion while respecting the Buddhist values of simplicity and moderation.

There is no residential practice at Ekoji, so no one will be available to talk with you if you just “drop by.” The Ekoji telephone number is used for announcements and contact information only--do not leave a message, as the Ekoji voicemail is not routinely checked. To speak to someone, please call one of the group contacts. Check the Events page to be sure the group you are interested in visiting is meeting at the regularly scheduled time. Emergency contacts are also listed here.

Student and Class Visits to Ekoji

Frequently, students express interest in visiting Ekoji for educational purposes – for example, to write a paper on Buddhism or as part of a class project on religion.  Here we offer some guidelines for arranging such visits to Ekoji.

  • If you are an individual student

Feel free to visit any of the groups found on this website. Most of the groups request that you e-mail or call ahead of time to receive an orientation. Some of the groups also offer meditation instruction.  In either case, please directly contact the representative shown on each group’s page. If you would like to arrange an interview or other one-on-one discussion with an Ekoji group representative, again please contact the representative shown on each group’s page.

  • If you wish to visit as a group of 3 or more students

Please browse this website to select the group you would like to visit. The following four groups are open to class visits: Ekoji Pure Land Group, Richmond Zen Group, Ekoji Vipassana Group, and Meditative Inquiry Group. Once you have selected a group, please directly contact the representative shown on each group’s page at least 2 days before your anticipated visit to ensure that your group can be accommodated.  Please note that if you would like to arrange an interview or other discussion between your group and an Ekoji group representative, this must be arranged in advance as well.