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January 28, 2018 - Ekoji Annual Membership Meeting

buddha Sunday January 28, 2018  2-4 pm

Our bylaws require an annual meeting of the Sangha each January for the purpose of receiving reports from the Board of Directors, electing Directors and Trustees for the new year, approving our budget and financial plans, and conducting other business of the Sangha.  Please join us for this once-a-year event, and participate in the governance of our temple. Your input is important!

Your Board representative and/or group leaders will be providing more information as the time gets closer a reminder will be sent before the meeting.  If you are not a Participating Member of the Sangha, you will not be able to vote, but we still welcome you to observe and offer constructive suggestions.  Or even better, if Ekoji is an important part of your life, please consider becoming a member.  Talk to a group leader or Board member for more information on Ekoji membership.