Nyama Sangha

Saturdays | 10:30 am (at Ekoji or via Zoom link)
Nyama Sangha events
Contact | NyamaSangha@gmail.com

Welcome to the Nyama Sangha. We are an irreverent misfit of mediation practitioners seeking how to apply Buddhist principles to engage our modern world with compassion, insight, and humor. We explore issues of both the self and our global community on issues including race, gender, class, ability and social justice. 

We are inspired by both traditional and contemporary teachings from diverse traditions and lineages, but tend to focus on Tibetan and Zen teachings. Everyone is welcome – no knowledge or experience is necessary.

For those looking for the Shambhala group, we are the same group. However, we are no longer affiliated with Shambhala. 

If you are new to meditation and would like instruction, please email us and let us know!